Health Literacy in the Learning Lounge

Visual design, Layout, Brand Identity, Print, and Product Photography

understanding: brochures

Health Literacy in the Clinic Space


Through best-practices and a patient-centered approach, we redesigned medical information into brochures that the average patient can utilize. The information lives in the Learning Lounge at the Health Transformation Building at Dell Med. We branded the information under “understanding:”, a nod to the action of understanding where we are always learning more about our own health.


Date: 2017

Project Background: Teaming up with the Dell Medical School librarian, we took health information that is beneficial for patients and “translated” it to be more patient-centered and actionable information

Design: Visual design, layout, brand identity, print, and product photography

Role: Visual Design lead
Project lead, Beto Lopez
Design Fellow Ajinkya Barve, Interaction Designer
Imelda Vetter, Dell Medical School librarian
Illustrator: Brian Michael Gossett.

Resource: Learning Lounge


Our goal was to make these easily understandable, easy and cheap to reproduce (for users to print at home, for in-office staff to print and staple), and separately branded from other entities within the building.




More info coming soon




More info coming soon



Moving Forward

Since we were unable to interview patients, I hope we can start to understand specific topics that patients are hoping to learn about when visiting the Learning Lounge, to where we can incorporate those into future prototypes of these brochures (print and digital).