My Fest Friend

Package design, branding, illustration, soft-goods, product photography

My Fest Friend


My Fest Friend was a product made and sold on the Southx wkrmpop Cart during SXSW 2016. My Fest Friend was inspired by the fast-paced, densely-packed nature of South By Southwest festival: we saw a need for festival attendees to keep their important items secure from misplacement, and of easy access, as they fully experience SXSW. It is the festival-proof armband, specifically made for festivals.


Date: 2016

Project Background: Our goal was to create a product that could be sold at SXSW. In wkrm, our event was Southx wkrmpop Cart, where we were selling products we created that would be beneficial to those attending the week-long festival.

Design: Package design, branding, illustration, soft-goods, product photography

Role: Group project with Denise Zaldivar. Final product iteration and sewing done by Denise.


My Fest Friend was intended to implement trust and comfort for the festival experience. The arm band addresses multiple scenarios: having business cards for networking at SXSW, storing money money, hotel cards, and even more specifically, providing a sense of reliability to intoxicated festival-goers; they wouldn’t have to worry about their wallet accidentally falling out of their pocket or leaving a handbag in an Uber. My Fest Friend adds an extra level of comfort to the festival experience.






We wanted our product to be one that could be utilized during the festival, serving an immediate purpose, versus something like a momentum to SXSW. After surveying other frequent festival-goers, we discovered that issue that constantly popped up is how easy it is to get separated from your group at a festival, and how difficult it is to reunite with them. Ambiguous directions, inconsistent locations of your group, and terrible cell service due to being in a large crowd of phones all contribute to this common festival problem.


We experimented with different materials, and discovered the easiest route was to use pre-existing forms of elastic material: leggings. We worked with the existing fabric and pockets to create the arm band. As for the branding and illustration, we wanted a fun twist on how to and not to use the arm band.

Credit: sketches by me

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 7.45.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 7.46.02 PM.png
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We sold out of all 20 arm bands at SXSW