Pizza Scout

Pizza Scout


How can we improve the pizza ordering experience? Our team found that everyone orders pizza at different times for different reasons, and we wanted to create an app that would make it easier for people to choose where they ordered pizza, depending on their criteria. This is the app that does pizza research for you.

Criteria includes their personal preferences, situational needs, and external factors. However, the research and decision-making process can be frustrating, time-consuming, and overwhelming.


Date: 2017

Project Background: Interaction Design course at UT. Tasked with redesigning the pizza ordering experience.

Design: UX, UI

Role: Designer (team of 3: Yunuen Sigler, Sylvia Yang, Natalie Campbell)


By asking the user their needs in as few pages as possible, not based on a particular pizza business, we democratized the choices they received through their search to best fit their needs at the time.

The options are generated from the information entered and from external data like online reviews. The platform would recommend pizza shops, suggest pizza orders, and then provide an option for ordering the pizza directly. With this platform, the process of ordering pizza would be faster, more successful, and data-driven, resulting in a better pizza ordering experience.





Through our interviews of pizza-fanatics, vegetarians, college students, and pizza shop employees, we discovered that everyone orders pizza for different criteria: time, convenience, taste, quality, etc. We wanted to create an app that met the ever-changing needs of people when they order pizza.


Surveys, apps/websites, and personal experiences

Areas of Interest

Overlapping issues, user motivation, criteria for ordering pizza

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Tentacle map, wireframes, UI, & branding