Recently received my BFA in Design from the University of Texas at Austin, where my work relies heavily on research and systems thinking. When I was previously a student of design at Carnegie Mellon University, I became interested in human behavior and designing products.

After interning at The Design Institute for Health my senior year at UT, I was brought onto the team full-time as a Visual Designer.

I use a human-centered design approach and systems thinking, I solve complex problems with functional, meaningful design. I’m interested in how and why people interact with others and the world around them. I’m excited about technology, data, and the improvement of human life. My other design-related interests include psychology, behavior change, and behavioral economics. My fine art and photography sometimes play a role in my work.

Outside of design, I go on hikes with my dog, photograph concertscreate art, and try out coffee shops around Austin. I also love listening to podcasts and reading plenty of books about behavior, technology, history, perception and psychology.